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SBS Students, Riane Castro, Jeanette Martinez, and Janhavi Dhargalkar Receive Awards

The Inland Empire Hispanic Leadership Council (IEHLC) has awarded two $1,000 scholarships to Riane Castro and Jeanette Martinez. Both are political science majors. The scholarships support students entering intern programs with traveling and living expenses as they gain experiences in the legislative process. Both students will earn academic credit from their college, while interning with policy makers either at the local, state or federal levels.

“It gives me such pleasure and joy to see our young people ready to take ownership in civic leadership. We are grooming our future leaders and helping them along with some monetary support to see this happen,” said Jaime Hurtado, president of the IEHLC organization. The Inland Empire Hispanic Leadership Council (IEHLC) is a regional non-profit organization comprised of community leaders who have come together and collaborate in order to improve the quality of life for the Hispanic community in the Inland Empire region. The Council has centered its work in the areas of business, education and public policy.

Cal State San Bernardino’s senior, Janhavi Dhargalkar, has received a silver award at the 30th Annual CSU Student Research Competition at CSU Bakersfield. Janhavi, an international student from India, is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Biological Psychology along with minors in Biology and Chemistry. Janhavi explained that it was her early exposure to research as an undergraduate student that helped her gain a long term interest in her field of study. Under the supervision of Dr. Cynthia Crawford, Janhavi examines the long term effects of prolonged exposure to antidepressants and the effects of the chemicals at the neochemical levels on the brains of adolescent rats. Janhavi and Dr. Cynthia Crawford wish to find a correlation that might explain why antidepressants often are not efficacious for human adolescent use.

“The Office of Student Research (OSR) goes out of their way to make sure that the students who are interested in conferences get fully funded to do so,” stated Janhavi.

Janhavi described her experience at the 30th Annual Student Research Competition as a “great way to learn and to see what other CSU’s are doing in respect to research.” She explained that even though other institutions have established neuroscience programs, she was surprised to find that they were not conducting any research that resembled what CSUSB was offering. She further explained that the interdisciplinary nature of her research amazed those in attendance and that she was able to gain positive critique that has helped her grow.

“The act of research helps you become a better critical thinker”, stated Janhavi. She likewise stated that her exposure to conferences has made her a better public speaker, a necessary tool for her career aspirations of becoming a physician.

Janhavi is expected to graduate in Spring 2017 and is planning on applying to medical school in hopes of working in the Inland Empire as a physician.

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