Cal State San Bernardino

Dr. Manijeh Badiee and the DREAM Team Co-Sponsor interACT

SBS Assistant Professor of Psychology, Dr. Manijeh Badiee co-sponsored interACT with CSUSB’s Women's Resource Center.

interACT is a nationally renowned social justice performance troupe based out of California State University, Long Beach. Since 2000, the troupe has reached thousands of audience members through its proactive and interactive performances. During its shows, audience members are invited on stage to become active participants rather than passive observers. The performances allow audience members a safe space to rehearse assertive communication strategies and inspire social and political change.

As one study demonstrated, people who participated in interACT reported that they were more likely to intervene when witnessing sexual violence in post-tests (Ahrens, Rich, & Ullman, 2011). Patricia Rozee, a Professor of Psychology and a rape prevention expert, referred to the performance as "unfailingly excellent" and said it provides students with the opportunity to "actually be part of ‘solving’ the problems of rape, thereby causing them to really think about what they would do and even try out their ideas with the cast."

“I am thrilled that [interAct] has agreed to come to our campus and train interested CSUSB students to start a similar group,” Manijeh said.

The event will take place on Tuesday, October 11, 2015 from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. at 12 the SMSU Events Center. Students who attend the event may receive extra credit if their instructors permit. Dr. Manijeh Badiee will have sign-up sheets for each class for instructors’ convenience. If you would like your students to receive extra-credit for attending this event, please contact Dr. Badiee at your earliest convenience. Please include your name and course information, including title and abbreviation. The event will also count towards students' yearly mandatory End Sexual Violence Training requirement. Dr. Badiee can be reached by phone: (909) 537-7305 or email: To learn more about interACT, please visit Learn more about Dr. Badiee and the DREAM Team.