Cal State San Bernardino

Dean Mohamed Featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education

Dean Mohamed recounts how a beloved professor and mentor, the late William J. Chambliss, convinced him to not go to law school. Dean Mohamed would eventually earn a Ph.D. in criminology, law, and society at the UC Irvine. He would eventually serve as a faculty member for the University of San Diego, and chair of the department of social sciences at Clayton State University, in Georgia. Last summer, he returned to Southern California to begin his deanship at the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Dean Mohamed research topics include instances of inequity in law enforcement. In 2010, Dean Mohamed co-authored a book with Erik D. Fritsvold, “Dorm Room Dealers: Drugs and the Privileges of Race and Class,” which discussed the differences in how police officers treat drug dealers at elite colleges as compared with drug dealers in poor neighborhoods. Dean Mohamed is currently conducting research for an upcoming book titled, "Lords of the Blacktop," in which he explores how pickup basketball games can function as a vehicle for expression of protest and resistance, especially for black men.

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