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  • Masters of Social Work Student Receives Prestigious Award in Social Work
    Lorraine Armenta-Buelna, a master's student from the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences' School of Social Work, has been awarded a Council of Social Work Education (CSWE) Minority Fellowship Program-Youth (MFP-Y) master's student fellowship for the 2015-2016 academic year.
    The MFP-Y fellowship for advanced social work master's students is funded by a grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The fellowship provides training and financial and professional development supports. Applicants must be direct-practice focused students committed to providing mental health services to at-risk children, adolescents, and young adults (aged 16-25) in underserved minority communities.
    MFP-Y fellows must attend an in-person training on March 6-8, 2016 in Alexandria, VA and participate in virtual webinars throughout the fellowship year.
  • CSUSB's Office of Graduate Studies Awards CSBS Student the 2015 CSUSB Outstanding Graduate Thesis
    Susan Van Allen, a graduate student in CSBS' award-winning social work program, received accolades for her project: Overcoming Barriers to Mental Health Service Utilization among Justice Involved Youth. Van Allen's thesis was selected as the 2015 CSUSB Outstanding Graduate Thesis in the humanities, social sciences, and business category.
    The selection process involved asking each graduate program to nominate an outstanding thesis. Van Allen's thesis was chosen as the best from those nominated. For this honor, Van Allen, and sponsoring professor, Janet Chang, were invited by the Office of Graduate Services, to receive a certificate and a monetary award of $500 for the honor.
  • Renowned Anthropology Scholar, Dr. Yunxiang Yan Gives Lecture on Modern China The CSUSB History Department, History Club Phi Alpha Theta, and the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences co-sponsored a lecture from renowned UCLA anthropology scholar and widely published expert on Chinese society and culture, Yunxiang Yan on Thursday, October 22, at CSUSB's Pfau Library).

    In his lecture titled: Intergenerational Intimacy: A Redefinition Familism in Rural North China, Dr. Yan spoke on the changing ideas of family relations and filial piety in China, based on his extensive research in the northwestern China's Xiajia village. His lecture provided masterful insights to Chinese culture and the transformation of its most essential traditions in recent decades.

    The emergent intergenerational intimacy represents a breakthrough in the Chinese traditional family culture, which required that intimacy be suppressed in order to maintain discipline, hierarchy, and the efficiency of the family as a corporate group, and the omission of obedience in parents-adult children relationship has effectively redefined the norm of filial piety. This dual development continues, instead of contradicts, the above-mentioned trend featuring the decline of parental authority and the rise of individual awareness and youth power; yet, they also played a positive role in resolving some problems in intergenerational relationships and turned the dual development to the positive side is the centripetal power of the child(ren) in the third generation that draws the attention, love and care from the grand-parent and parent generations alike, brings them together in multiple ways, and motivates all adult members of the family group to work diligently toward the common goal of raising the perfect child who bears the hope of the entire family. This leads to the rise of descending familism in which the trinity of three generations adapts to different forms of household structure to make the family work better - various family resources flow downwardly and the foci of life has also been shifted from ancestors to the grand-child(ren).

    A native of Beijing, Dr. Yunxiang Yan was forced to drop out of school at the age of 12 and spent the next 12 years working as a shepherd and farmer in two Chinese villages during the Cultural Revolution period in China. Dr. Yan returned to school in 1978, earning a B.A. in Chinese Literature and a M.A. in Folklore and Mythology from Peking University. He would eventually earn a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology at Harvard University. Dr. Yan has previously taught at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Johns Hopkins University, and is currently a Professor of anthropology and Director of the Center for Chinese Studies at UCLA. Unpacking and understanding the moral experiences of ordinary people in the fast-changing world today constitutes the abiding theme in his anthropological career over the last 20 years, and his research interests include family and kinship, economic anthropology, social change and development, cultural globalization , and the individual-society relationship. Dr. Yan is the author of the Flow of Gifts: Reciprocity and Social Networks in a Chinese Village, Private Life under Socialism: Love, Intimacy, and Family Change in a Chinese Village, 1949-1999, and The Individualization of Chinese Society. Dr. Yan was also a Guggenheim fellow in 2010-2011. He is currently working on a book manuscript about individualization and moral changes in post-Mao China.
  • CSBS History Club Sponsors New Chicano History Lecture with Dr. Ed Gomez On Thursday, October 22, 2015 at 2:00 pm at John M. Pfau Library, CSBS' award-winning History Club kicked off its Chicano History Lecture Series. The club's inaugural speaker was professor Ed Gomez, who presented his talk titled, "The Role of Students in the Chicano Movement." Gomez discussed the different roles that students and youth played - from political to anti-war activism, formation of youth organizations and student walkouts - in the initial formation and in the early years of the Chicano Movement.
    Mr. Gomez is a professor of history at San Bernardino Valley College for 16 years. He has also taught at UC Riverside, San Jacinto Community College, Cal State Los Angeles and Palomar College. He has an associate's degree from Los Angeles City College, a bachelor's from Cal State Los Angeles, a master's from UC Riverside and is in the final writing stages of his Ph.D. at UC Riverside. He is an active leader on his campus and in the community, working with many groups, including MEChA, CTA and the City of Redlands Human Relations Commission.
  • South Africa Study Abroad
    Dr. Kelly Campbell will be hosting another set of students to the South Africa to take place this summer from June 20 to July 14, 2016. The exciting program is open to all majors and students at all levels from freshmen to graduating seniors. If interested, please attend the upcoming info session on Wednesday Nov. 4 from 12-1pm in SBS 402A. You can view a video about the program here Below is a picture of last year's South Africa Study Abroad participants.