Cal State San Bernardino

Student overcomes obstacles and receives resiliency scholarship

Anthony Aguayo of Redlands is a junior majoring in psychology at Cal State San Bernardino. Just one year earlier, Aguayo was on academic probation for poor grades and on the verge of being dismissed from the university.

After a rough three years that included being kicked out from his home, subsequent homelessness, living in his car, and temporary stays with friends, he persevered to become the first solo recipient of the $500 Dianna J. Pelletier Resiliency Scholarship, which is typically offered to two students every quarter.

The scholarship is awarded by CSUSB's Office of Advising and Academic Services, the scholarship gives students who are on academic probation the opportunity to apply for a scholarship after they have reached a minimum 3.2 grade point average for a specific quarter.

After meeting with Matthew Markin, an adviser in CSUSB's Office of Advising and Academic Services, Aguayo decided to give school one last go. By the end of the quarter his GPA shot up to an impressive 3.8 and he made the Dean's List. Aguayo credits his success, in part, to University Studies 200, a class available to upper division students that teaches time management and other essential skills.

'The word resilience, in my eyes, encompasses much more than springing back into shape but rather transitioning to a new form,' Aguayo said. 'If someone would have told me four years ago that I would most likely find myself on academic probation, I would simply laugh and carry on.'