Cal State San Bernardino

CSUSB psychology professor Kenneth Shultz is Outstanding Professor of the Year

Called one of the university's most accomplished faculty members, psychology professor Kenneth Shultz, has been named Cal State San Bernardino's 2014-2015 Outstanding Professor.

Shultz learned of the honor while teaching one of his psychology graduate classes on May 13.

Following a university tradition, CSUSB President Tomas D. Morales walked into the professor's classroom - accompanied by a group of nearly 30 previous award winners, fellow faculty members and university administrators - to make the announcement in front of Shultz's students.

"We're here to honor Ken. He was selected by previous awardees as this year's Outstanding Professor at CSUSB," Morales said. "He has steadily emerged as one of the university's most accomplished faculty members - a scholar, a great teacher. Students consistently observe how knowledgeable he is on the subject that he teaches."


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