Cal State San Bernardino

Cal State San Bernardino's criminal justice department selected to conduct a study on Public Safety Realignment Act of 2011

CSUSB was selected for the project because it is the only local institution with a credentialed criminal justice department. According to San Bernardino County Chief Probation Officer Michelle Scray Brown, CSUSB has a team of qualified professionals and extended experience working directly with local law enforcement agencies to evaluate criminal justice-related programs.

The law that took effect in 2011 transferred responsibility for housing and supervising inmate and parolee populations that are classified as low-level offenders from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to the various counties around the state. Low-level offenders are individuals determined by the courts to have committed non-serious, non-violent and non-sex related crimes.

The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors in December approved the $360,000 contract with CSUSB's University Enterprises Corporation for the study, which is scheduled to be completed by December 2016.