Cal State San Bernardino

Faculty Focus

  • David Chavez, Professor of Psychology, supervised students conducting community-based participatory research. This project was showcased at "Photovoice Gallery".
  • Dale Lund, Professor and Chair of Sociology, was a co-presenter of a national webinar sponsored by the Hospice Foundation of America. The topic was coping with spousal/partner loss.
  • Peter Robertshaw, Professor and Chair of Anthropology, presented "Life and death in Bunyoro Kitara, Uganda: The analysis of human remains and burials from the early to misecond millennium CE" with Kimmarie Murphy and Stanley Ambrose). Society of Africanist Archaeologists biennial conference in Toronto, Canada.
  • Pedro Santoni, Professor of History, was one of two Assistant Editors for the Encyclopedia of the Mexican-American War: A Political, Social, and Military History, 3 volumes.